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Moving Testimonial

This year marks the 25th anniversary of our company offering floral preservation services to the local and national community.Throughout those decades, our clients have brought us not just flowers, but flowers with a story behind them.The flowers are from weddings, memorials, births, anniversaries, etc. but for each customer, the flowers represent something more profound; they represent a relationship that is meaningful and resonates.We have heard stories of grandmothers who always offered warm cookies and a cheek smooch with lipstick that stained her grandkids cheeks for hours after a visit, or decadent details of beautiful weddings that were a result of hours of attention to detail by the couple and their families.We once dried a white lily that was given to a local Dayton resident by Patti Labelle while backstage at her concert, and we preserved turf from the OSU football field once after a big win.

When deciding how to decorate our new showroom, we really wanted to celebrate this notion of family, simplicity and connection, so we selected the image below to print oversized as a full wall covering.This is the image you see when you step into our showroom, and the hope is to communicate to you that any bloom, even a dandelion plucked from a field, has a story to tell.

In all the years of offering this service, I can say that today's story had the most profound effect on me of any I have heard.It reminded me that sometimes, even though the little things seem little, they can have the greatest impact on our lives.They are not the main event, these are the day-to-day interactions that communicate to the people we love how much they matter to us.

Dear Freeze frame,

Please feel free to feature my sunflowers. They are not from a wedding. When I separated from my ex-husband I always sang, "you are my sunshine" to my 8 month daughter at bedtime and when she was scared. When I think of sunshine I think of my daughter and sunflowers. Every year we get a picture together in a field of sunflowers. We also grew our own sunflowers in our yard. We have since moved. These flowers are from our old house. They are to remind us that we are always strong together. That we may not ever have much but we have each other. Thank you for the hard work you have done. Everything looks amazing.


Julie Minogue

If that didn't choke you up a little then you probably found your way to our site by accident.We are so grateful to have been trusted with these blooms, and this story.

Contributor: Carli Dixon, Founder and Co-owner 

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