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Sales Terms & Conditions for Bloombead by Freezeframe

Overview | Purpose

The Sales Terms & Conditions Form has been designed to inform you of what happens to your flowers during the bloombeads by freezeframe (hereafter bb by ff) preservation process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A signed copy of the STC MUST BE ON FILE before order will be processed.


Bb by ff offers two flower preservation options:

  1. Flowers arrive at our studio and you are able to make final decisions
    a. 70% of order total is paid at time of final decisions
    b. Turnaround time starts on day flowers arrive
  2. Flowers arrive at our studio, with basic deposit, no decisions
    a. Decisions must be made within 30 days of flower arrival
    b. Decisions made AFTER 30 day window will be charged $20/month storage fee for each month thereafter
    c. It is your responsibility to contact us; bb by ff personnel will not call with reminders.

JEWELRY COLOR: Each piece of jewelry made by bb by ff is made from unique materials, provided by you; therefore, color density, hue, and/or pattern cannot be guaranteed or replicated. Our sales staff will note any images on our website, or
samples in our showroom with color percentages that you like, and our jewelers will consider these desires when making your jewelry. However, due to the one-of-a-kind nature of each bloom, we cannot guarantee that the jewelry outcome will match the color percentage requested or the sample item provided for reference.

APPROVAL: Because of the extremely one-of-a-kind nature of our service, the accuracy of final outcomes depends not only on our capabilities, but also on your responsiveness to communication. You will receive an e-mail notification of your order completion with a photo attached. You will be asked to inspect the photo and respond via e-mail with either approval of the outcome, or requests for changes. Orders will ONLY be released for pickup/delivery/shipment once Client Approval has been received and final balance has been paid.

DESIGN CHANGES: Once you place your final order with a sales associate, you will receive a copy of those final decisions. Please pay close attention to the details and pro-actively communicate issues/errors to our sales staff immediately. Your order will be completed according to the specifications on the final decision forms. Once the order is complete, any requests for changes or additional customization of color, design or framing will incur additional fees. Requests for changes prior to order completion must be submitted in writing & must be received and acknowledged by bb by ff staff prior to order completion.

PHOTO OF COMPLETED ITEM(S): All photos taken of finished work by bb by ff remain the sole property of bb by ff, and may be used for and all purposes by our company.

EXTRA FLOWER PETAL JEWELRY MATERIAL: We will include information about any extra flower petal jewelry material in your Finished Order Notification email. This will give you an opportunity to order additional items, although you are under no
obligation to do so.

Bb by ff will keep extra jewelry material on file under your customer number for a minimum of 12 months after the original order is completed. The extra flower petal jewelry material remains the property of bb by ff.

Payment Terms

RETURNED CHECK: A $35.00 processing fee will be added to your account for any returned check.
REFUNDS: bb by ff offers no refunds.

CANCELLATIONS: In the event of an order cancellation prior to any flowers being delivered, bb by ff will refund your First payment, less a $35 processing fee. Unused EZ Ship kits must be returned UNOPENED to bb by ff headquarters, or to your local Easy Ship Partner to avoid an additional $15 EZ Ship Kit Fee. Once flowers have arrived at our location, your First payment is non-refundable, since we will begin processing your flowers immediately.

EZ Ship KIT RETURN: For any customer who has been provided with an EZ Ship kit, but chooses not to use it, please return it
unused and unopened to avoid a $15 EZ Ship Kit Fee.

Shipping | Delivery

CHANGE OF ADDRESS: It is the customer’s responsibility to communicate any change of address, e-mail or phone number to bb by ff. If the customer fails to communicate a change of address or phone number to bb by ff, and therefore misses phone calls or mailings from us indicating order completion or any other order developments, the customer will be responsible for any storage or late fees that are incurred as a result.

PICKUP | FOP | SHIPPING: Once you are notified that your order is complete, you will be asked to pay the balance due and either pickup the order, select an FOP, or make arrangements for shipping within 30 days. All orders not picked up /delivered/ shipped and paid in full within 30 days of final notification date will be charged a storage fee of $25/month. Maximum storage, 90 days; after which the order becomes the sole property of bb by ff and all deposits and payments are forfeited.

Return Policy

Your bb by ff comes with a 30-day satisfaction window. If, during this time you determine that something is less than satisfactory, the process for issuing a claim is as follows:

  1. Contact bb by ff, and ask that your concern be logged by the sales team
    A. In person
    B. Email photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. Review of the communication will be done by the jewelry team manager
    A. If issue is the result of the item being hand-crafted you will be given two options:
    i. Accept the piece as made
    ii. Ask to have piece remade; price for remake will be quoted by management
    B. If issue is the result of item having a defect, then the manager will develop a plan for repair/change. A quote will be provided which requires approval by the customer prior to any work being done.

Satisfaction issues presented AFTER the 30-day period will be handled as if they are a new order, and will have
appropriate costs associated with the order.

For a PDF copy of these Terms and Conditions Click Here

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