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Where Flowers Last Like Memories

You chose the perfect flowers, now choose the perfect way to keep them. At bloombeads by freezeframe, we use a meticulous flower preservation process to turn your flowers into lasting keepsake jewelry. Simply choose the style and type of jewelry that reflects your style, and our professional staff will take care of the rest.



Bloombeads is incredible.

They took our daughter's wedding bouquet and transformed it into a ring, bracelet, and keyring that are stunning. These are things that can be passed down for generations. We even have some left over to make more. Everyone there is so kind and helpful, and they have a very large selection of jewelry to choose from. I would highly recommend you transform your flowers. It is worth every penny. Thank you for making beautiful memories for us.

- Melissa Pfahl


Returning Customer

I'm a returning customer, I love how bloombeads takes my flowers and creates lasting memories. I always pick the beads to go on my Pandora bracelets; this is my 4th bead and I have two more in production. This bead is from my grandpa's funeral; he passed away suddenly & unexpectedly last June. At the time I was pregnant with my daughter, he was so excited to meet her, but he never got the chance. His flowers at the funeral were orange, he loved the Bengals, and there was a single pink rose for my daughter and a single white rose for a baby I miscarried in October 2015 that we said he was now holding in heaven. This bead is all three of those flowers together & means so much to me.

~ Kristen McNutt, Centerville Ohio


Beautiful Job

The flowers were from my wife Mandy's funeral. Stargazer Lilies were her favorite. She fought cancer, but it took her at a very young age and she touched so many people. The jewelry... mine being the chain with the cross is amazing and hasn't come off my neck yet. It is so amazing to have something like this and truly feels so good to feel her close. The jewelry is all so beautiful and such an amazing keepsake.

- Dave Dunn

Dave Dunn

Awesome Job

The flowers were from my father's funeral. He was 55 and died of a massive heart attack at work. These pieces are so wonderful and beautiful of the last memory we have of him. The day we laid him to rest. We absolutely love our jewelry! They did an awesome job. When we got them we didn't expect them to be so beautiful?

- Heather Wilson


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